Nakamichi ZX-7 Three Head Cassette Deck.

Posted: July 28, 2010 in Cassette Decks

The Nakamichi ZX-7 Cassette Deck is a very special analogue recording/playback component, pre-dating by two years and contributing to the technological foundation of the refined and highly esteemed ZX-9 cassette deck. The ZX-7 was a leap forward technologically by Nakamichi of Japan, who had created advanced computer assisted cassette decks like the 700ZXL and 1000ZXL, albeit, at a very expensive cost. But then in 1982, the ZX-7 was introduced worldwide and immediately revered by audio critics as a milestone in cassette deck use! An audio cassette deck that was loaded with professional features and quite affordable by the discerning yet cost conscientious audio enthusiast. The ZX-7 comes with an assortment of manual calibration controls, including adjustable azimuth and bias recording adjustment, Dolby noise reduction, extra durable tape transport system with dual capstan drive, and discrete record/monitor/playback head system. Some of the most precise technical specifications Nakamichi ever designed into a commercial cassette deck!

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