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Cambridge Audio DAC2 & DAC3

Posted: April 12, 2011 in DACS

Technology-intensive Cambridge Audio products are re¬cognised as being splendid sonically, but are not exactly inexpensive. It’s surprising, therefore, to find a competitively- priced newcomer to the range in the guise of a stand-alone D/A converter. The DAC3, at £299, offers its customer 1 6-bit, 8- times oversampling conversion. All stages are digital, including the input switching with digital polarity inversion controlled from the front panel.

The output is fed through a high quality volume control direct to your power amplifier. Analogue areas are all entirely passive. It has a more comprehensive brother, the DAC2, which prices up at £450. This incorporates four digital inputs (two CD and two DAT), plustwodigital outputs.

Structure is 16-bit, with 16 times oversampling conversion as used in the CD2 (reviewed last month). An active stage is included, with its own volume control, expanding the analogue outputs tothree— fixed, passive variable and active variable! It even has a headphone output driven by a discrete class A amplifier rated at 5 watts output.

A tuner comes into the range too. Its the T40, AM/FM, and costs £199 including VAT.