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Rich radio from clever Roksan

Posted: July 15, 2011 in Tuners

At Last, the tuner to complete Roksan’s crisp-looking Caspian range has
arrived. It’s an FM-only 5O-preset unit, cunningly controlled by just two
knobs and a pair of buttons. You get manual and seek tuning,
a signal strength centre-tuning display, mono/stereo switching and an
autostore system able to find the strongest stations in your area and
assign them to presets. Operation is a matter of clicking the
left knob round to find presets, or twiddling the right one for further
manual tuning. Add the optional Roksan Caspian System Commander
and you get full control of the tuner from your armchair. However, there’s
no AM reception, and not a sniff of the Radio Data System.
As Compensation you get a tuner with a smooth fluid sound, plus plenty
of insight into the recorded or broadcast ambience. Location panel
games or discussions sound suitably atmospheric, while concert hall relays
are similarly open and attractive. Instrumental timbres are appealing, if
the radio can sound a little lush at times, and voices nicely detailed.

The Roksan also ensures voices have good character and are easy to
follow, while the compressed sound of rock and pop radio benefits from
the Caspian’s mix of warmth and insight, being filled out a little and
having reasonable attack. But though this tuner is good, it’s
not without rivals from the likes of Denon and Marantz. And then there’s
the Creek T43: it has the sound, the three bands and
remote control for £349. All of which suggests the Roksan at £595, will appeal
mainly to existing Caspian owners.